Two methods for decontamination your Adult power

Why does the lack of attributional growth generate fear?

What Transactional Analysis says about fear?

Let us get deeper into contamination. Once Eric Berne who gave the concept of Transactional Analysis (TA) said 'we are born prince and princess and the situation has made us frogs.' He meant that initially, we were very nice, good behaving and complying type of person. But in due course, thanks to our parents' repeated does & don’t and injections, we are transformed into fearing and complying with people like frogs. Seriously, these injections were so heavy that in some cases if they declared 'you are an idiot’, we accepted and acted as if we. Such things made us then a fearing 'baby' and now, a fearing 'adult’.

The old saying goes, 'where there is a goal, there is a way'. It is possible to break your script yourself and believe we have done it. This is possible.

a) Contamination of thinking leading to fear (Parent contamination)

b). Contamination of feelings leads to fear. (Child contamination)

How can we decontaminate injected thinking?

"you are an idiot".

Let us take a hypothetical case. Suppose you are afraid of meeting your boss and people in general. When you plan to visit the boss, many negative thoughts come to mind like the boss doesn’t like you, he doesn’t want you, doesn’t care about you, always criticises you and so on. This causes fear and negative thoughts towards him and others. This is all because:

a) Your mind is loaded with an idiot’s belief and this belief surfaces out before boss and seniors

b) But your pure logical thinking says this is not true and reasons to counter the above belief.

We believe you can help to change this unwanted painful belief by applying your critical thinking. Taking a clue from the teaching of TA, we have customised some queries for you to apply to change parents injected belief as below.

a) What sort of person is an idiot and what sort of person is not so? If you fall in that category? If not then why believe so?

b)What should be the criteria for one who deserves to be declared ' an idiot' or 'non idiot’?

c) Whether those criteria are in you and so, you may be declared 'an idiot or not?

d). Is it that all those people who do not meet those criteria are 'not idiots’?’ (trying to weaken the belief)

e) How long should this 'an idiot' mindset last, or will it remain forever? (Forcing for decision)

f). Do you feel all people are equal? Does that include you?’ ( if not then why keep such decision/belief)

How can we decontaminate our feelings?

a). You have been given an injection and you refused but the situation made you accept it.

b). Later pressure made you accept injection emotionally fully leading to get into the unconscious mind and so integrated into the personality.

c) Given that this is the status quo, your job now is for you to use your what, when, where, why and how to type observe yourself fully and then do the needful in line with what we suggested earlier.

'feeling the pain of exercising in the gym'.

Broadly process was as follow:

a). Using the power of awareness, we tried to learn what negative thinking is stopping us from going to the gym.

b). One’s learned, we used our logic to find reason-based clues to counter this feeling-belief. This was to counter belief shopping from going to the gym.

c). Now, we allow logical thoughts to confront our bad beliefs. The moment we succeed, the bad belief will lose problem-causing value. You may need to recreate the process as such beliefs go slowly.

d). Say we tried to delete the feeling of pain by arguing 'pain is for good, for it’s when dead muscles break forever, so is good, rather, strategy be to visit and let pain be more & more etc’.



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